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somewhat updatiness...

I know, I know, I never write, I never call....

things are stressful, but manageable. I have had several stress related migraines since my HS reunion.

The reunion was more fun than it had any right to be, and I am glad I went. Life goes on.

The fence is done, not without any stress. The neighbor hates it and he was such an ass about two previous fences that I just don't give a shit. It's pretty, it's vinyl and will never have to be repainted. Oh, and when the big shaker comes, my fence will just have to be put back together. I won't have to rebuild the whole thing. Ha. So there. Oh and let me pimp them because I am trying to work out a deal with them...

The Vinyl Fence Co. rocked my socks. From their salesman, Omar, to their installers Angel and Victor. The owners stopped by to see how the job was going and if I was happy! How cool is that?

Blizzcon was very much fun, got to walk around with the cool kids both days and see Ozzy play live! Cross your fingers, Mr. Man got a contact in the company....hopefully gainful employment will follow. There will be any sort of food bribery need fulfilled.....I'm just sayin'.

Miss Maggie is surviving her surgery even better than the vet could hope for. She's about a week ahead of their recovery schedule and has her full release appt. at the end of this month.

Mr. Man are attempting to eat more at home and walk every day. With the weather ramping up in heat making it a bit more challenging, we have to wait until it cools off.

I am seeing my horse more and more since the debacle of my root canals and my cat is still peeing not in the box. I have however found a miracle product called Mirazyme . Invented for stinky scuba gear, it has eliminated the smell even in the padding. That doesn't mean I am not saving up money to replace the carpeting with sealed wood flooring.

I love and miss you all! I have been reading everyone, don't worry. Just a-lurking here and there!


Aug. 27th, 2009 10:42 pm (UTC)
No, you don't. Fix that willya? Or join the Mental Landfill. :>

Miss you too!